Trip to Riga on 14–15 November 2018

In the early hours of 14 November, the EBÜ group (members working at Mootor Grupp) boarded a Scania Irizar i6s and started on route Tallinn-Tartu-Valga-Valmiera-Riga. The aim of the trip was to visit the Riga Motor Museum, exchange ideas at a seminar and have one day to relax before the busy Christmas season starts.

Having picked up the colleagues from Tartu, at 10.00 the journey continued towards Valga from the new Tartu base at Kassisilma. A segment of the travel company who joined our trip was also waiting for us in Valga. Now all together, we lunched at the restaurant of the Metsis Hotel. The restaurant with its taxidermy pieces and impressive interior was a sight to see. After lunch we continued towards the Riga Motor Museum. On the way, Tõnu Piibur gave us a great overview of the Motor Museum history and everything exciting waiting there. At last we arrived at the Motor Museum, where Hugo Osula, Janno Ritsberg and Liina Kungla also joined our group.

Having taken in the fascinating exhibitions of the Motor Museum, we continued to Hotel Tallink which offered accommodation to the group for the night. For dinner, we headed to the Pub tavern located in Riga Old Town, where in addition to enjoying the meal we also welcomed the new EBÜ members and discussed important topics in the form of a seminar. Hugo chatted with the men and gave a good overview of the general activities of Mootor Grupp. Janno Ritsberg talked about the operations in Lux’s Latvian and Lithuanian bases. We discussed the important matters concerning our jobs.

Next morning, we headed back on the Riga-Valga-Tartu-Tallinn route.
All participants were very happy with the event and would like to thank the organisers, supporters and colleagues who made the atmosphere more than enjoyable.

November, 2018