On a cold November morning a couple of buses took of from Tartu and Tallinn to meet in the middle of Estonia. EBÜ members from several bus companies were on board.

The Finnish bus drivers association Tilausajokuljettajat ry unites more than 1,500 bus drivers. This year they celebrated their 25th anniversary and the EBÜ delegation was also invited to the formal event that took place in Uusikaupunki.

Volvo Carrus 1994

21 years ago a brand new three-axle bus rolled out of the Carrus factory in Finland.

Eesti Bussijuhtide Ühing

During the last days of August, the regional managers of Estonian Bus Drivers Association gathered at the summer cottage of Rein Lindsaar in Otepää to sum up the first half of the year and discuss the plans for the second half.

At the beginning of the summer the changes in the Estonian bus industry gave ground to many questions.

On the first days of June, the Mercedes-Benz O303 turned towards south taking along the members of the association interested in the daily lives of our neighbours and who did not have any duties at the moment.


At the beginning of March, the board of Estonian Bus Drivers Association along with regional managers went for a joint outing to summarise last year's activities and discuss the actions for the coming year.