In the early hours of 14 November, the EBÜ group (members working at Mootor Grupp) boarded a Scania Irizar i6s and started on route Tallinn-Tartu-Valga-Valmiera-Riga.

Summer is a busy time for a bus driver – people move around a lot and often choose to do so by bus. Nevertheless, 32 busy bus drivers managed to find a summer day (25 July) to get together, adventure around Estonia, talk work and relax.

At the beginning of May, a group of Estonian Bus Drivers Association's (EBÜ) representatives paid a visit to our neighbors up North.

On 17 August, the extended board of the EBÜ held a small gathering in Paunküla.. 

The board members analysed the completed activities and set new goals, they also discussed matters concerning the next calendar year and planned new events.

08:00 Departure from Betooni street, Tallinn

08:20 Stop at the Tallinn Bus Station

10:00 Departure from Tartu via Võru

12:00 Guided tour at the Estonian Road Museum 

14:00 Lunch at the Tea House

On 3 - 6th of November, a four-day exhibition of historic buses will be held in Tallinn, presenting a fascinating collection of fourteen historic rulers of the road.

EBÜ members discovered the hidden passages at the Narva Castle and enjoyed relaxing treatments at the Noorus Spa Hotel.

We also discussed current professional topics.


Before noon on 26 April two timeless buses stopped at the Saku Brewery. The Mercedes Benz O303 had departed from Tartu in the morning and the fancy red Ikarus Lux 55 from Tallinn.

On a cold November morning a couple of buses took of from Tartu and Tallinn to meet in the middle of Estonia. EBÜ members from several bus companies were on board.