bussijuhidIn order to value the bus driver's profession, the Estonian Bus Drivers Association, from here on EBÜ, was established in the beginning of autumn 2011.

Although the initiative came from SEBE bus drivers, the association is open to all the bus drivers in Estonia. We meet our colleagues on the roads every day, we wave to them but we never get the chance to talk to them. Thus, there is no way of knowing that the person behind the wheel in the other bus is actually a nice guy making the entire profession look good.

The main reason behind establishing EBÜ is to give the bus drivers driving on Estonian roads a chance to get acquainted and discuss issues related to the profession. Anything further is up to the bus drivers – the association can be useful for discussing work related issues and for pleasant spending of spare time. The association is really more like a club, it does not put any obligations on anybody but we hope that many will find it to be an enjoyable place for meeting like-minded people.

We use Charter Club, an association of charter bus drivers in Finland, as a role model. They have been active for over 20 years and have as many as 1500 members. Likewise to the Finns, our aim, too, is to introduce the bus driver's profession to the youth, benefit the reputation of the bus industry, organise educational and fun events and much more.

Everyone joining the EBÜ have the chance to design it to be exactly like they think would be best.

If you are interested in joining, then please call Evald Lass, at +372 515 4399, or contact your local contact person.